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Global Insurance Brokers

International medical insurance for Non US Residents & Expatriates as well as life and disability insurance. We are here to help you with your international insurance needs.

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An innovative international insurance brokerage, Global AIB was founded in 2008 in Miami, Fl. and continues to grow each year.

Serving the Latin American, Canadian, and Caribbean markets in pursuit of safety and coverage,  Global AIB’s main priority is to provide the best protection for you, your family, your residence or business. We take great pride in offering exemplary customer service, state of the art technology and strong relationships with each of our clients. Global AIB and American Insurance Brokers  has a depth of industry expertise across key lines of insurance, including commercial property and casualty, international health, travel insurance, life insurance, and more. As leading global insurance consultants, we have access to a wide variety of international health and travel insurance plans for individuals and groups so we can find the best plan to meet your specific needs. Not all plans are the same, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Travel Insurance

We offers options to purchase Travel Insurance, which provides emergency health insurance coverage for a contracted period of time while you are away from your home country.

Non US Residents Health Insurance

If you retire abroad, you likely won’t be able to count on your existing health insurance. Medicare may only offer very limited,
if any, coverage abroad.


International Health Insurance​

Looking for individual or group health insurance? We’ve got you covered.

International Individual and Group Life Insurance

Take the steps to prepare and protect yourself as well as your loved ones.

International Long-Term Disability Insurance​

Long-Term Disability insurance is a product that every family should have.

International Student Health Insurance

Whether you or a family member is preparing to study abroad, this type of travel requires extensive planning. 

Property & Casualty Insurance

Do you own property or business in the U.S.? Make sure it’s covered with the best insurance possible.

The U.S. welcomes investors from all over the world. Whether you own a condominium, home, investment property, or business, many of these properties are highly desirable and quite costly.