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International Health Insurance​

Looking for individual or group health insurance? We’ve got you covered. Safety is everything, especially in these uncertain times. Global AIB offers several types of Individual and Group Health Insurances with the world’s leading hospitals and doctors ranging from the most comprehensive to the most basic plans.

  • Some international health insurance products are not for purchase by US residents because they are not ACA Compliant.  We do offer ACA compliant products for US expatriates.

Individual Health Insurance

International Health Insurance provides coverage to people living or working outside of their home country, typically for one year or longer. These plans are ideal for expats and their families, individuals with dual residences, multinational employers, and more. Being a global citizen can be an exciting experience, yet one that can pose many potential risks. Your health care abroad should not be one of those concerns. Global AIB offers revolutionary programs that provide the flexible worldwide coverage you need, backed by the world-class service you expect.

Our insurance carriers have designed a range of solutions offering differing levels of coverage to suit your needs including many optional coverages for maternity, transplants, oncology and other medical conditions. Plans offer competitive deductibles and premiums.

Please be aware that in the international health insurance market coverage of pre-existing conditions is not automatic. Sometimes a candidate’s application is denied/rejected. More often than not, pre-existing conditions may be excluded, subject to a waiting period for coverage or a premium surcharge.

Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance can be obtained for starting with as few as 4 employees. Medical underwriting is waived by some carriers for larger groups. AIB works with you to find the perfect coverage depending on company size, industry, and product.

*Group rates are available starting with as few as 4 employees.

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